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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning. coming up on "early today," stepping up military strikes against isis terror targets ahead of president obama's call for more military might. new stories involving babies and measles in chicago and new jersey. a shocking 911 call. the dispatcher telling the distraught teen to stop whining. pope francis weighs in on disciplining kids by spanking. and the washington controversy. it's friday february 6th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. the fight against isis is ramping up following the brutal death of a jordanian pilot. dozens of jordanian fighter jets targeted isis weapons supplies center in syria. video of the strikes was shown on jordan state tv along with patriotic music.
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yesterday the official facebook page for king abdullah's royal coate posted this picture of him in military fatigues. rumors were reported abdullah a trained helicopter pilot, may have planned to participate in the strikes. japan is stepping up its fight against isis. the country's parliament passed a resolution to increase humanitarian aid to the middle east. it did not include troops or equipment. in the u.s. president obama is expected to ask congress next week to authorize the use of force against the militant group. nbc's tracy potts is live in washington. good morning to you and does this mean boots on the ground? >> no it doesn't. but some lawmakers think it should. jordan is ready for a fight but they need help from the u.s. they can't do it alone. 21 american planes escorted jordanian fighter jets into syria, bombing isis targets, avenging the brutal killing of one of jordan's pilots burned alive by the terror group.
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>> we see isil a brutal vicious, december cult -- >> reporter: the white house is expected to ask congress to authorize military force against isis. >> the goal here is to demonstrate clearly to the american people our all lies and our enemies there is strong bipartisan report. >> this is not going to be easy. >> i think it's going to be a challenge. but we will have a solution to it. >> reporter: some lawmakers think ground troops are inevitable. >> i think you have to prepare the american people that this is going to be a long fight. >> reporter: it's already been a long fight in ukraine. hundreds have died in recent weeks. ukraine wants weapons and secretary of state john kerry says the president is considering sending them. >> we cannot close our eyes to tanks that are crossing the border from russia and coming into ukraine. >> reporter: but there's reluctance on capitol hill to get involved in another long war. >> we should make it clear to the ukrainians that while we support their commitment to
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defend themselves they cannot expect u.s. combat forces to come to their aid in the fight. >> reporter: no boots on the ground for now. the obama administration has already committed to sending some military equipment to jordan to help out? in that fight against isis. lawmakers are trying to speed that up. and this morning the outbreak of measles, a disease once declared eradicated the infecting more of our country's new vulnerable. late last night the new jersey department of health said it was investigating a suspected case in a 1-year-old. the good news they say the baby has recovered. near chicago, five babies less than a year old have been diagnosed with measles, all at the same day care center. as many as ten other children may have been exposed. in these new cases none of the children was old enough to be vaccinated. 4 million kids in the u.s. are in a similar situation. if exposed to the virus, 9 in 10 of those babies will get sick.
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is it okay to spank your children? now we know what pope francis thinks. during a general audience devoted to the role of fathers in the family the pope praised a man who said he sometimes had to "smack my children" but "never in the face so as to not humiliate them." pope francis called that beautiful, a sense of dignity. a vatican spokesman reiterated pope francis wasn't condoning violence against children but rather commenting how to help children grow and mature. pope francis will have a chance to expand on that as well as other issues when he visits the u.s. and becomes the first pope to deliver an address to a joint session of congress on september 24th. in new york this morning a funeral for the driver of the suv involved in this week's deadly train collision. meantime, ntsb investigators are putting together a timeline of how the accident happened. they say 39 seconds before the crash, warning lights began to flash. and then the gates came down as normal. investigators met with the engineer of the commuter train. he told them he slammed on the
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emergency brake as soon as he saw the suv inching onto the tracks. that prompted the horn to sound twice. but since the train was traveling at 58 miles per hour there was nothing he could do to prevent the collision that happened seconds later. ntsb investigators say the impact pushed the suv 1,000 feet down the tracks where the train came to a stop. investigators are in the process of interviewing the train conductor, also asking passengers on the plane to offer up their testimonies. in this morning, a 911 dispatcher in maryland has been reassigned after telling a caller to "stop whining." the dispatcher is "in a position where he won't have citizen contact" as authorities investigate what happened. a 13-year-old girl called 911 as she watched her father dying on the side of the road. they had just been in a hit and run. the dispatcher's response? "stop whining." >> can you all please hurry up? >> ma'am, stop yelling, i need a location.
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so two people were struck? >> yeah they both laying just laying there. >> stop whining, let's stop whining, it's hard to understand you. >> they're just laying here they're just laying here nothing, they're just laying here. >> is there someone else there i can talk to? because it's so hard -- >> it's only my little brother, i'm talking better than him right now. >> a fire department spokesman said the dispatcher was trying to get better information from the teen and could have used a better choice of words. later this year the supreme court is expected to decide whether all 50 states must allow same-sex marriage. house speaker john boehner says gop lawmakers won't stand in the way of the upcoming ruling. >> i don't expect we're going to weigh in on this. the court will make its decision. and that's why they're there, to be the highest court in the land. >> this may come as a surprise to some. according to the "new york times," house republicans spent upwards of $3 million to defend the defense of marriage act in 2013. after the obama administration refused to defend it. the latest cover of
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"instyle" magazine has kerry washington fans in an uproar. she's known as olivia pope on "scandal." now here she is on the cover of "instyle." fans took to social media with complaints that it looked like washington's skin had been lightened. the magazine has released a statement saying in part, while we did not digitally lighten kerry's skin tone our cover lighting has likely contributed to this concern. we understand that this has resulted in disappointment and hurt. we are listening, and the feedback has been valuable." in wisconsin, a 66-foot ice tower came crashing down this week. organizers had hoped it would be the tallest of its kind ever built. they blame unseasonably warm temperatures in december and january for the collapse. the tower was just nine feet away from its planned 75-foot height. and speaking of weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your friday forecast. >> winter's not over yet. wisconsin can be cold but that's
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too bad. rain has fallen as advertised. gusty winds have arrived, rain for your morning commute, unfortunately san francisco you missed part one yesterday. you will get your rain during the day today. so so far over 1 inch from portland to seattle. yesterday was a rainfall record a daily rainfall record of 1 inch in the seattle area. as far as the rainfall goes we do a little tour here's the san francisco/sacramento area dry for now. light showers trying to approach. that will increase later today. and the heavier rains are all along the coastline of california right to i-5 northward as we move to seattle, bellingham olympia, portland's got soaking rain right now. even salem, eugene medford is locked in with steady rains at the time. over the next two days a chance for northern california to pick up as much as 4 to 6 inches of rain especially in the mountains. still got my fingers crossed and hoping for the bay area to get up to 2 inches here. notice it's a shorp cutoff to the shouth. everyone else is guaranteed to get nailed. in the bay fingers temperatures that
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are mild the snow levels are still pretty high. as advertised this rain will continue into some people's weekends. i'll let you know who's got to deal with it coming up. putting down the hammer on professor/student relationships. which country has the most billionaires? later today, president obama heads to indiana where he'll talk to students about careers and paychecks. that's after this morning's 8:30 eastern jobs report with forecasts calling for payroll gains of 237,000, and unemployment to drop to 5.5%. i tell them aveeno®. because beautiful skin goes with everything. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat
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♪ now to new video out of brazil showing how lucky a young boy and his uncle are to be alive. the two were sucked into a flooded storm drain where they were trying to clear debris. moments later they emerged from the other end of the pipe about 20 feet away. thankfully the boy and his uncle only suffered minor injuries. bode miller is out of the world ski championships after this nasty fall just a minute into the super-g event in denver yesterday. the six-time olympic medalist underwent surgery to fix the injury to his right leg. he tweeted this picture to his fans telling them "out of a successful surgery for a severed hamstring tendon. feeling lucky since things could
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have been way worse." it was miller's first race in 11 months after having back surgery. another rough week for tiger woods. he told reporters he had to withdraw from the farmers insurance open during the 12th hole due to back problems. >> it's frustrating that i start shutting down like that. i was ready to go had a good warmup session the first time around then we stood out here and i got cold and everything started deactivating again. it's frustrating that i just can't stay activated. it's just kind of the way it is. an explicit new warning from harvard to its professors and students. you cannot engage in romantic and sexual relationships. the previous school policy cautioned against them but never outright banned them. an 18-month project to study the dna found in the new york city subway system found scary results. while most of the bacteria was harmless they did come across traces of buybonic plague.
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half the dna they found didn't match any organ ims and .2% matched the human genome. news reports about the the cyber attack at anthem the company reportedly didn't incrypt the data from 80 million current and former customers that was stolen by hackers. "wall street journal" says investigators have found evidence the attack may be linked to hackers sponsored by china's government. watch shares of twitter today. they soar after the company reported earnings that beat forecasts even though user growth is slowing. twitter blames that on apple's new ios8 software as some users didn't bother to redownload the twitter app. radio shack filed for bankruptcy. they'll sell 24 hundred stores to its largest shareholder. sprint will set up shop in most selling both sprint and radio shack branded products. just ahead, the agony and
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this morning on "today," size 12 and a supermodel trail blazer. meet the first plus-size swimsuit model to appear in the "sports illustrated" annual swimsuit issue. to sports now and the nba. in the cavs' 105-90 win over the clippers l.a. was issued five technicals four in the third
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quarter in a three-minute span including this one on guard chris paul after he questioned the call of rookie female referee lauren holtcamp. "there's no way that can be a technical. we try to get the ball out fast every time down the court. when we did that she said uh-huh. i said why uh-huh? she gave me a technical. that's ridiculous. . if that's the case this might not be for her "the hot." hotcamp moved up to the d-league to become a full-time nba ref this season. you have to see to believe, golfer richard green gets an ace in the hole on the par 4 at the tory grand open pro am in australia. the ball takes a series of bounces, from the bunker and onto the green, before it lands in the hole. bet you don't see that done twice. giving the phrase "like a girl" a whole new meaning. high school senior sarah hudeck is making history.
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she accepted a baseball scholarship to be the first female to play baseball for parrish community college in louisiana. it's in her blood line. her former is former mlb pitcher john huedak. richard sherman and ashley moss welcomed their first child days after the super bowl. sherman tweeted his excitement saying my son sure knows how to make an entrance. 2/5/15. is it a coincidence or is he just that clever? either way i'm ecstatic. sherman's jersey is 25, his son is born on 2/5. they're no kim kardashian but the men of "the daily show" try to break the internet. 15 years later tom hanks reunites with his "castaway" costar. you're watching "early today." to help you find a price that fits your budget.
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welcome back. let's talk about the heavy rain threat that's going to go into central california specifically tran and sacramento areas. this is pretty well depicted for this morning with heavy rain north of there. as we go throughout the afternoon hours, everything kind of shifts a little further to the south. that's when i think the best chance of rain is going to be in the bay area south and toward sacramento. into saturday everything kind of breaks up a little bit. more scattered showers and hit and miss storms. that could be anywhere. by sunday another slug of heavy rain. this one looks to focus further
4:23 am
north. that's why no one california has the best chance of seeing flash flooding and some of the strongest winds will be felt in many of the mountain areas of northern california. friday forecast san francisco northwards with rain. we keep you dry in l.a. and san diego. the storm was not for you. >> thank you so much for that update bill. moving on to the box office. the new sponge bob movie is looking to earn around $36 million. channing tatum and "jupiter ascending" should pull in $19 million. lady gaga's first drour, her ex-boyfriend, now owes $7 million to winty starland, the person who discovered the singer. after promising to split profits with starland the producer went back to his word and never did so. a federal judge has now ordered the producer to pay up. horror fans get ready. a remake of the 1982 hit "poltergeist" is on its way. the first trailer was released and in it we see why it's never a good idea to build a house on a cemetery.
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>> should they have done this? >> i don't know everything old is new again. >> i'm taking a stand, saying no way. an attempt to break the internet with this throwback thursday video. one user described as "the definition of sex y." hm might have to redefine sexy. shakira release the first photo of her new son sasha. she explained, i have daddy's feet looks like i've been playing football my whole life. remember tom hanks' best friend wilson? at a rangers game tom hanks was caught with wilson jumping into some action. i'm dara brown. this is "early today." we do hope it's just your first stop of the day here on nbc.
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leading the news from nbc news war game mom sues pop warner football over son's suicide. the woman claims her son suffered concussions while playing tackle football with the youth organization which led to dementia that caused him to take his life in 2012. the lawsuit says pop warner was negligent for allowing small children to play the game and that it should have known about research linking concussion to dementia. in the "new york times," feds look into prosecutor's claims involving christie donor. the former county prosecutor alleges he was fired because he complained about the dropping of an indictment that involved a donor to the republican governor. christie has denied any involvement in the case. some other stories we're following. a missouri mother is facing charges after she and family members allegedly conspired to
4:27 am
have her 6-year-old son kidnapped. the mom asked a co-worker to help. >> they asked him, hey, can you do this for a family favor? our son is too nice, he's too open too polite. >> the co-worker lured the boy into his truck where the family threatened him with a gun, tied him up told him he could be sold into sex slavery. all four were arrested after sheriff's deputies learned about this from a teacher at the boy's school. the world added 252 new billionaires in 2014. there are now a record 2,089 billionaires. the u.s. leads with 537 high-rollers, followed by china with 430, india with 97 and russia with 93. oh, dear. talk about a tangled mess. this buck was spotted wandering around a montana neighborhood with what appears to be colorful yarn -- >> thought he was knitting. >> possibly a flower arrangement. it looks kind of cute. it was stuck in his antlers. other deers tried to help him
4:28 am
get it out. the buck didn't seem to be bothered much. deer begin to shed their antlers around january. he might be able to lose the arrangement pretty soon. >> warm. >> a surprise seeing a buck with a big floral arrangement. >> they were talking about it at the doughnut shop. >> rudolph, move over we have a new reindeer look. now it's time for a look ahead. a lawsuit filed on behalf of minnesota viking running back april april is set to be heard in u.s. district court in minneapolis. the nfl players association filed the suit in december after an appeals judge upheld peterson's suspension. peterson is accused of abusing his son through harsh disciplinary measures. happy birthday to natalie cole 65. veteran nbc anchor tom brokaw turns 75. zsa zsa gabor is 98. to you keep it right here for more news weather and sports. i'm dara brown along with bill karins. thank you for watching "early
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today." we hope you have a great friday.
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and we begin with that live look outside, because of the microclimate weather alerts from san francisco from the san bruno mountain, you can see the clouds in the sky, as we await the first in a series of storms to hit the bay area. good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. more about the weather in a minute. first we want to tell you about a light earthquake that jolted people awake on the we nips lapeninsula. the 3.1 magnitude quake hit at 3:44 this morning centered near the emerald hills of san mateo county, near redwood city. viewers tell us they felt it from pacifica down to menlo park. no repor


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